My name is Arvin, and I am one of the co-founders of Rainbeo. I used to work in the security industry, and my dream has always been to provide people with smarter, more efficient, and secure home protection solutions. After years of research and exploration, I decided to create a brand that could provide high-quality home security cameras to the general public.

Rainbeo’s home security cameras are different from traditional monitoring devices in significant ways. Traditional monitoring devices have fixed camera positions that cannot be easily moved, whereas Rainbeo’s cameras are small and lightweight, and come with a magnetic base that can be easily attached to any metallic surface. Rainbeo’s cameras also come with a sturdy base that can be securely attached to any object. This makes Rainbeo’s cameras more flexible, enabling users to install and move them wherever they want, without the need for complex installation procedures or professional installers.

The biggest advantage of Rainbeo’s home security cameras is that they retain the functions of traditional monitoring devices, while improving on their lack of mobility. Users can place the cameras wherever they need them, such as in children’s rooms, offices, shops, garages, etc., ensuring the safety of their homes and properties.

Our team is composed of professionals with years of experience in different fields. We constantly strive for innovation and progress, researching the latest technologies and continuously improving the quality and performance of our products. Our home security cameras not only offer high-definition image quality but also provide intelligent analysis, delivering more accurate security alerts and alarm services. Our cameras also offer cloud storage and remote monitoring functions, allowing users to view their homes’ status at any time and ensuring their safety.

We believe that security is a basic need for every household, and intelligent and efficient security solutions will bring people a better life experience. Our mission is to provide the highest quality home security cameras, enabling every household to enjoy efficient and secure protection services. Through the power of the Rainbeo brand, we hope to provide users with the perfect home security solution.


We have our own independent product testing and installation workshops. We conduct sampling inspections on each batch of products produced to ensure they meet our requirements.


RAINBEO Smart Security Camera

RAINBEO has addressed the issue of immovability in traditional surveillance cameras by improving our design. Our cameras can be placed anywhere, and come equipped with built-in batteries that offer up to 10 hours of continuous use. Our cameras also have a 150-degree field of view, allowing for maximum coverage.

Who We Are?

I’m Arvin, co-founder of rainbeo.com
RAINBEO was established in 2020 with the mission of providing high-quality home security solutions. Our focus is on home security cameras and the five S’s: security, self-defense, surveillance, safety, and survival. By paying attention to these five areas, we believe you and your loved ones can experience greater peace of mind and a more secure future.

Company: Shenzhen Tengzhou Technology Co., Ltd.
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What We Believe?

OUR MISSION IS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY’S SAFETY AND SECURITY. We believe that family safety is very important, and Assisting millions on millions of Customers feel more comfortable in their neighborhoods and giving them that peace of mind we all deeply deserve is our wanted.

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